Happy Election Halloween

Happy Halloween.  We trust this note finds you anxiously looking forward to putting next week’s elections in the rearview mirror.  We also hope your friends and family are safe & healthy. This note will be shorter than most as we simply wanted to drop you a friendly reminder of how we’re positioned in our core […]

Presidential Election

Hello.  We trust this note finds you well. As you might expect, we have received several inquiries regarding the upcoming presidential election on November 3rd.  It’s no secret that the political environment in our country is arguably as contentious as it’s ever been.  And, while there is certainly much cause for concern, we felt it […]

Thank you!

Greetings & Happy Spring. I want to start off this note by saying THANK YOU.  Thank you for not giving up or bailing out over these last two months.  Thank you for not letting your emotions get the best of you.  Thank you for trusting our dedicated team to do what we do when the […]

What can I control?

Greetings.  We hope this note finds you safe. We all know returns in the 1st quarter of this year were brutal.  A solid start to the year quickly turned into the worst first quarter in the history of the US Stock Market.  Commerce, in general, has ceased.  Current job losses are setting all-time records.   We […]

What can go right?

Hello.  We hope & trust your family is safe during these crazy times.   Today we want to take a few minutes and imagine “What can go right?” as we muddle thru this global pandemic.  We are not going to spend much time on what can go wrong.  All it takes to imagine those scenarios […]

Who is selling now?

Hello.  We hope everyone is staying safe & healthy throughout this historic mess of a situation, to put it mildly.  There are a LOT of different directions we could go in terms of this note. However, we first want to let you know that we, at LJI, are fully functional.  We are committed to communicating […]

Should I Sell Now?

Greetings. We thought we would touch base again, in light of the carnage in the financial markets and on the news.  First, we should acknowledge this whole scenario is historic.  The velocity of the drop from all-time highs has factually never happened before.  It is awful and, in many ways, scary.  There are many unknowns […]

Oil War/Stock Market Volatility

Good morning. As most of you know concerns about the coronavirus have led to a sharp correction in global financial markets.  Whether this virus is “not as bad as the flu” is irrelevant in the short-term, relative to the markets.  Geographic regions overseas are being quarantined.  Major events & conference are being cancelled.  Corporations, to […]

Stock market correction

Hello again. Well, it’s been a historical week in the stock market.  The market topped last Wednesday and, over the last 6 sessions, we’ve had the fastest 10% correction in the history of our country.  I would rather be recognizing some other historical feat but we’ll take it. Pullbacks are NEVER fun.  In fact, they’re […]

February Volatility

Greetings and a Happy Early Spring. This is our first market note of 2020.  The last several months have been extraordinarily calm in the markets so there hasn’t been much to write about.  At LJI, we never want to become ‘noise’, relative to our thoughts on the market.  We rarely let the calendar dictate when […]