Investment Management

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Investment Management

Core Investment Principles

Markets are Efficient – focus on what you can control

Passive Investing – lower expenses & reduce taxes

True Diversification – own capitalism globally/11,000+ stocks

Asset Allocation – reduce risk via exposure to fixed income

Embrace Volatility – understand market psychology

Core Portfolio Philosophy

Stocks Outperform Bonds – equity market premium

Value Outperforms Growth – value premium

Small Companies Outperform Large Companies – size premium

Earnings Matter – profitability premium

Relative Strength – price momentum premium

Short-Term Higher Quality Bonds – lower volatility


Investment Management

At LJI Wealth Management, we believe in an unbiased, solutions-based approach for small businesses. We assist in evaluating potential plan options including, but not limited to, Simple IRA’s, SEP IRA’s, 401(k)’s, Profit Sharing and Cash Balance Plans.

Participant Experience

  • Portfolio Models
  • Improve Participant Outcomes
  • Financial Wellness Programs
  • One On One Meetings
  • Comprehensive Financial Planning

Plan Sponsor Experience

  • Plan Design Consultation
  • Plan Benchmarking / Evaluation of Service Providers
  • Investment Policy Statements
  • Industry Trends & Regulations
  • Fiduciary Training

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