Bank Failures

Good morning & Happy (early) Spring.   Over the last week, seemingly out of nowhere, we had three bank failures here in the U.S.  And, based on calls, emails, texts over the last few days, we felt we should send out a brief note to help explain what is going on.   Silvergate Capital (Symbol: […]

2023 Milestones Letter

We hope this letter finds you well as you prepare for the holidays. As we close the books on 2022, we are sending our annual year-end newsletter, highlighting contribution limits and age milestones which may present planning opportunities for 2023. We realize there is a LOT of information below. Not everything will be relevant to […]

Uncertainty Reigns

Greetings & Happy Fall.  We trust this note finds you well but likely growing weary of news on the economic front.   It seems no matter where you look there is never-ending ‘recession talk’, inflation, doom & gloom, etc.  Meanwhile, construction is ever-present, banks are lending, unemployment remains low, and most businesses are doing well.  […]

Nowhere to Hide

Greetings & Happy Spring.  We trust this note finds you well. In late January we sent out a note (Hello Volatility) discussing the financial markets going through a rough January and the Federal Reserve navigating this economy with 40-year high inflation.  As we take inventory of the global markets three months later, the trends of […]


Good Morning & Happy Snow. To say it’s been an interesting January in the markets is an understatement.  We opened the year with the worst week in the history of the bond market.  The good news is the bond market has calmed down since then and has been mostly flat.  However, thru last Tuesday, January […]

2022: Hello Volatility

Hello and a late Happy New Year.  It has been quite a while since we have communicated our thoughts/concerns on the markets.  The reasons for that are fairly simple.  First, there is plenty of irrelevant ‘noise’ out there in the media, so we never want to fall into that category.  Second, since the onset of […]

Milestones 2022

As we close the books on 2021, we wanted to outline several contribution limits and age milestones which will present potential planning opportunities for 2022:   Common Contribution Limits   Traditional & Roth IRA’s – staying at $6,000/yr; catch up contribution of $1,000/yr for those age 50 and older For the Roth IRA, you can […]

Milestones 2021

As a rather eventful 2020 ends, we wanted to outline several age milestones and contribution limits which will present potential planning opportunities for 2021:   Age 50 – You can increase your annual contribution to your 401k by $6,500, while those contributing to a Roth or Traditional IRA can add an additional $1,000.  With retirement […]

Happy Election Halloween

Happy Halloween.  We trust this note finds you anxiously looking forward to putting next week’s elections in the rearview mirror.  We also hope your friends and family are safe & healthy. This note will be shorter than most as we simply wanted to drop you a friendly reminder of how we’re positioned in our core […]

Presidential Election

Hello.  We trust this note finds you well. As you might expect, we have received several inquiries regarding the upcoming presidential election on November 3rd.  It’s no secret that the political environment in our country is arguably as contentious as it’s ever been.  And, while there is certainly much cause for concern, we felt it […]