Market Thoughts and 3rd Quarter Review

Hello & Happy Fall. We trust this short note finds you well. 2019 has been an interesting year with the bulk of the market gains coming in the 1st quarter. And those gains were essentially a recovery from a rough 4th quarter last year. Over the last 2 quarters we’ve been close to flat. Click […]

Summer Volatility

Hello and a belated Happy Labor Day. Six weeks ago, as the major indexes were hitting all-time highs, we sent out a note relative to inevitable market cycles.Eight trading days later the S&P500 was down over 6%.Several sentiment gauges were showing peak fear and, with the Dow down 800 points, we stepped in and added […]

LJI Wealth Management 2nd Quarter 2019 Market Review

Greetings & Happy Summer Here in central Indiana it felt like it rained every day this Spring and then, suddenly, July brought a heat index of 110. Similarly, after a brutal 20% selloff in the US Stock Markets during the Q418, the major indexes have rallied back to all-time highs this month. Please click here The […]

S&P 500 New Highs and IPOS

Greetings & Happy Spring. We hope this brief note finds you well and looking forward to summer. So far 2019 has been very kind to investors who hung on during the 4th Quarter 20%ish decline. For an in-depth look at the 1st Quarter 2019 Markets, along with a supplementary article, click here Earlier this week the S&P500 […]

Markets and Weather can both Change Quickly

Greetings & Happy February. As this is written it is Super Bowl Sunday. It is also sunny and 60 degrees outside. Rewind four days and we were in the middle of a Polar Vortex. In four days we’ve moved +100 degrees. Truly amazing. In many ways, the December panic in the stock market was similar to the weather of late. We had a very atypical (for December) meltdown […]

2019 Brings New Planning Opportunities

As we begin 2019, we wanted to outline the updated contribution limits and several age milestones which will present potential planning opportunities in the coming year. But before you read further, please click here for LJI Wealth Management’s 4th Quarter Market Review and be sure to read pages 18-20 on diversification and the “lost decade”. Common Contribution […]

Holiday Volatility

Greetings & Happy Holidays. Historically, December is the 2nd best month of the year in the US equity markets.The market is usually quiet on low volume as most of us spend time with family and the year winds down.However, as we stand today, this month will go down as the worst December in the history […]

The Unknown

“Why is the market going down?” “Why is my stock going down?” Those are common questions of late and almost everyone in the financial press has an opinion as to why: China’s economy, Italy’s budget, England’s exit from the European Union (BREXIT), elections, tariffs/trade policy, interest rates rising, etc. The truth is, if the media […]